About Us

The Lapwing Flying Group Ltd was first formed in 1965 and is now enjoying it's 57th year of continuous operation. It is a small group of very friendly, informal, dedicated aviators who come from a wide range of different backgrounds and many levels of flying experience ranging from ex Airline pilot to basic PPL, but we all share a love of flying.


The Group currently operates from a small clubhouse at Denham airfield (EGLD), just north of the much larger London Heathrow.


Our current aircraft is G-JAMP, which is a Piper PA 28 151 Warrior acquired in May 2003 and has since given the club many hours of trusty service. The aircraft is well equipped and maintained at Denham to a very high standard and in accordance with the latest CAA regulations. Regular checks are completed every 50 hours and a full Annual every winter.

In September 2011, the Warrior had a new red and blue paint scheme applied and in June 2012, a new zero houred Lycoming O-320-E3D engine was installed. From it's initial creation in the mid 60's, the Group has operated and owned a wide range of very different aircraft including a Terrier, Victa Airtourer, Beagle Pup 2, SOCATA Rallye 150ST and a PA 28 161 Warrior prior to purchasing the current 151 Warrior G-JAMP.


There are around 15 full members in the Group at present, many of which originally learnt to fly with Lapwing and our current CFI, Tony Smith, is available for check flights with prior arrangement. The PPL's fly the aircraft for trips and local flying during the weekends, week days and summer evenings.

The managing committee are all volunteers drawn from the membership and look after the main operational functions including aircraft booking, membership, social activities, secretarial, accounts/finance and ensuring that the aircraft is properly maintained.

Our membership was originally mainly drawn from employees of the British Airports Authority (pre privatisation days) but is now open (subject to availability) on a restricted basis from those working in the aviation industry and public sector.


All initial enquiries should be directed to Martin Bowley, Club Secretary.